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USA: Victory in Massachusetts! Send some love right now!

USA: Victory in Massachusetts! Send some love right now!

by IDWFED published Jul 03, 2014 08:00 AM
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has signed the Massachusetts Domestic Workers Bill of Rights into law!
Jul 03, 2014 (Universal / UTC0)
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Click here to send this congratulatory postcard to the domestic workers in Massachusetts who organized to make this beautiful victory possible.

This is a historic moment for our movement. Five years ago, politicians in New York told us that winning a domestic workers bill of rights would be nearly impossible. Now, just four years after the New York Bill, Massachusetts has become the fourth state to pass a domestic workers bill of rights.

The Massachusetts Bill is the most forward-thinking bill of rights to date and sets the stage for even more comprehensive legislation in other states.

The bill will protect workers and employers by requiring clear guidelines for employers and workers including:

  • a written contract
  • 30 days notice of termination for live-in workers
  • maternity leave for workers

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in Harris v Quinn earlier this week, victories like this one are key beacons of hope for our movement. Throughout this campaign, domestic workers in Massachusetts showed us what we can accomplish when we come together to organize with our allies and lead with love!

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  • Congratulations @domesticworkers on winning four #DomesticWorkers Bills of Rights in four years! #DWDignityMA
  • @MassGovernor is signing MA #DomesticWorkers Bill of Rights into law! Send workers in MA some love: #DWDignityMA
  • @MassGovernor just signed the #Domesticworkers Bill of Rights. Send a congratulatory note: #DWDignityMA #1u
  • Congratulations to #domesticworkers in MA on winning 4th Bill of Rights in 4 years! #DWDignityMA #1u
  • When #domesticworkers organize, they win! Congrats MA @domesticworkers on Bill of Rights! #DWDignityMA
  • I just congratulated #Domesticworkers in MA on winning their Bill of Rights -- join me: #DWDignity #1u

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This victory would not have been possible without the support of our allies and partners. 
Thank you!

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