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Indonesia: Lita Anggraini on hunger strike to fight for Domestic Workers Bill

Indonesia: Lita Anggraini on hunger strike to fight for Domestic Workers Bill

by IDWFED published Feb 18, 2015 12:02 PM
Contributors: Lita Anggraini, Jala PRT
Indonesia parliament is putting the agenda of adoption of domestic workers bill into a very low priority. Jala PRT, National Network for Advocacy for Domestic Workers, is stepping up action to fight for this.
Feb 16, 2015 from 03:00 AM (Universal / UTC0)
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Below is the call for international support from Lita Anggraini who has been on hunger strike since 16 Feb 2015.

Dear All,

Since 16 February 2015, JALA PRT through National Coordinator:
Lita Anggrainai takes Hunger Strike for 2 demands addressed to:

DPR (National Parliament)
Minister of Labor of Indonesia Considering:

Millions of Indonesian domestic workers who are under exploitation and abuses locally and abroad. We urge the government of Indonesia to establish a national law to protect millions of domestic workers and cooperate with destination countries to ensure the protection of migrant domestic workers.

Indonesia is a country with one of the largest number of domestic workers in all Asia. This includes 10 million local domestic workers in Indonesia and 6 million migrant domestic workers abroad. Their work has been an integral part of thriving economies in the world. Every day, they work around the clock to send billions of remittance home. Yet, until now, Indonesian domestic workers remain the most exploited, by the malpractice of employment agencies, bad employers and discriminatory policies and society.

Based on the situation, we demands the DPR RI and the government immediately establish the law for the protection and welfare of domestic workers as part of workers, citizens and human beings.

We can not tolerance the situation.

Our demands:
Parliament and Government must deliberate and pass the DW National Law since the Draft of the Law has been submitted since 2004
Parliament and Government to ratify ILO Convention 189 on Decent Work on Domestic Worker.

In Solidarity,
Lita Anggraini

Lita Anggraini 

16 Feb 2015 Hunger strike poster, demand for domestic workers bill and ratification C189

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