Emnuela Loretone

Filcams CGIL Nazionale – Italy

Filcams CGIL Nazionale – Italy

Since 2021, Emanuela has been Head of the Domestic Work sector for the National Filcams CGIL. As a trade union organization, they have organized important initiatives towards the institutions and society to claim the rights of domestic workers in our country. The union is committed to the renewal of the National Collective Agreement and asks for a modification of the discriminatory Italian legislation on immigration. Emanuela has been a member of the CGIL since her university studies. She was also the General Secretary of Filcams in her area and held various confederal roles.

Filcams CGIL is one of the founders of IDWF because it believes it is essential to represent the domestic work sector through the construction of an international network that makes the claim stronger in every country, for every trade union organization and for every single worker. It will therefore continue to make the necessary resources available to continue this activity.

Emanuela hopes to have the opportunity to be involved in the continuation of the important unionization activity of the Domestic Work sector in Europe and in the world started by IDWF in recent years. She believes it is essential to fight to give visibility, dignity, security and legality to this world, also to defeat the discrimination that affects migrants and to obtain the right recognition, from an economic and regulatory point of view, by the institutions.

It will therefore be very important for domestic workers all over the world, not only the ratification in all countries of the ILO Convention 189, but also to obtain the assumption of a role for Europe in the recognition and protection of the rights of women and men workers, through the establishment of the European Sectorial Social Dialogue. Emanuela believes that the agreement with Effat will be of great help in achieving these objectives and she is ready to give her contribution.

“In my union experience I have followed the workers of the University, of the textile companies, those of the commerce, surveillance and tourism sectors, I am still involved in the protection and organization of the workers of the cleaning contracts, but knowing the world of Domestic Work has meant for me discovering a universe in which women and men, especially women and almost always migrants, use their feelings, talents and intelligence to care for others, often obtaining very harsh living, working and salary conditions in exchange. For these reasons, the responsibility of the sector in Filcams and the candidacy for EXCO are a challenge that I take on with a great desire to commit myself and do well.”